The bicycle trolley is a perfect example of reinvention at its best ; the designer envisioned a complete new take on the conventional trolley coupled with her vision that transformed a modest bicycle into an exciting form of art. The bicycle bell being the crowning, the bicycle wheels at the back and the front trolley wheel add to the product’s wow factor and also serve the purpose of moving it around. The wooden base is the foundation that bind all elements together and also may be used as a table top .The bicycle trolley is a depiction of multi-function and creativity at its best.


The fish stool is a new take on the otherwise conventional stool. The idea of having an impression of an abstract turquoise blue fish imprinted on the wood was conceived by the designer in order to add another dimension to the product. The stool is made from wood with antique blue polish as finish. The fish stool combines bucolic charm with modernistic style.


The egg light was conceptualized by the designer’s most primitive vision of light and how it travels. The egg shaped light has impressions resembling the rings of Jupiter that get enhanced when lit up almost resembling the rays of the morning sun piercing through a tiny hole. The egg shape light is made of fiber. The product is a new take on a typical ceiling light.


Tulip bench is multipurpose bench/table which can also be used as a side console, bench seating, foot stool. If one piece of furniture does not limit itself in terms of its use then one should not restrict oneself while designing it either. The designer envisioned an earthy hip look instead of a monochromatic plain bench. The wood was treated with distressed painted in a pinkish purple palette. The tulips were carved into the wood and embossed with (glitter paint/sequence).



The washing machine light is a perfect depiction of recycling at its best. The light bulb is placed inside a washing machine motor which is suspended from m.s. horizontal and vertical supports. This product is a refreshing breadth of fresh air where re-use meets chic.



The pretty pink sofa is the designer’s version of a conventionally classic chair. The framing is done in wood with metallic finish. The upholstery is done in fussia pink with sequenced cushions. The sheer size and look of the chair exude grandiose and spark.



The mini bar is a rather ‘a la mode’ version of a typical mini bar, wherein the designer gave both functionality and the look of the product equal importance. Solid grey wood polished with antique French finish with niches to house the bottles; a feature adapted from a typical wine cellar. Provisions made to stack glasses in both open able shutters. The mini bar reflects a casual chic lifestyle with a brush of design



The Golawala inspired light is a direct portrayal of the colorful array of golas available on the streets of Mumbai. The fabric of the light has been developed with colorful bursts of fabric depicting the shape and texture of an actual crushed ice gola. When illuminated it dramatizes the fine colored threads in the chanderi fabric which celebrates the Indian-ness of the creation.




Inspired by the Got milk? campaign in America, this chair is an Indian adaptation. The ‘doodh-wala’ (milk man) an integral part of every Indian’s day, carries with him milk cans which in the designer’s interpretation is cushioned and lends comfort to the user by being upholstered with a typical Indian fabric in an absolutely modern chair frame.

Painted Vintage Chair

This chalky white vintage chair was the designer’s vision to incorporate both old school charm with a touch of the designer’s signature style of embodying artwork just enough to tickle the user’s taste buds. The wooden chair is painted white and distress polished. The flower at the backrest is hand painted by our in-house artist. The turquoise blue flower just pops over the subtle past white backdrop.



‘Sail away’ is a dynamic version of the designer’s depiction of a two-sided partition made of doors on pivots. One side is covered with origami boats which symbolizes travelling far and wide. The doors when open reveal the ruggedness of life through the medium of the jute clad embossed panels.


The lotus light is a bold inspiration from the lotus flower in full bloom. The lotus petals are made from fiber which stands on am.s. rod supported by a m.s. plate/stand. The yellowish color of the lotus petals enhances the light and the shear design of the petals help diffuse the lighting thus giving a feel of serenity and tranquility to any space.

Cinema chair

Remember a time when going to a movie was an event? The cinema chair is a two-seater that is bound to make you nostalgic. Bright colors, marquee lights. The era of Superstars. Fine wood finishes, bent and welded metal and the richness of leather and velvet will add a dash of movie star glamour to your space.

Gateway to India Partition

Reminiscent of an era of opulence and splendor in India, the Gateway to India partition is a walk through the ages. Its intricate laser cutwork, brings the monumental beauty alive. The wooden framework and panels made of Burma Teak Wood. Not missing out on the traditional paduka that symbolizes self-sufficiency.

Bar stool

Just Gas bar stool, is a fresh take on the conventional tall stools we’re accustomed to. It transforms the mundaneness of an ordinary gas cylinder into an imaginative piece of art, with a comfortable leather upholstered swivel seat—making this stool playful, engaging and, most of all, memorable for the user.