Private Residence

Old meets New

Old meets New:

A boulevard of art, design and nature; this duplex terrace apartment was designed to be young, informal and very creatively stimulating. The luxury of the penthouse apartment was divided into two floors, encompassing five bedrooms in all. Detail in design, material choices and overall conceptualization bound the space together seamlessly. Some highlights; like the staircase weaving the two floors, the very intricate dining table, the memory wall and the surreal terrace pagoda space cannot be missed.

The clients, a creative couple, wanted a space which was formal, with a lived-in feel. They had visualized a space which was earthy and close to nature in as many ways possible. The energy of the space was to be directed towards an ‘old meets new’ design. A contemporary cloth with an eclectic weave going through its every thread, this space eventually shaping up ‘as a home close to paradise’. The goal was to arrive at a harmonious fusion of ethnic furnishings with Spanish influences making it universally ‘design-sound’.

  • Client : Ganga Kadakia
  • Sq.ft: 2459
  • Year of completion: June, 2013